Just Emkaying: Mumbai Terror-Update

Nov 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror-Update

Have got the following updates

Update 1

1. Pak Def ministers says Pak has played no role in Mumbai Terror Strikes and should avoid Knee Jerk Reactions

2. Fire flares up bigger on Taj Hotel at COlaba

3. Terrorists have done a reconnaissance mission  in Mumbai before attacking, and apparently had control rooms in Taj and Trident

4. Captured terrorists claims that they are here to create panic and havoc.


  1. I am really fuming and seething..I really want to make a difference as a responsible citizen of India..

    the blogosphere is inundated with terror posts..I have never seen this kind of public outrage and the media is doing a commendable job for once..

    I am glad Indians r waking up to such issues..awareness is the first step towards change..

  2. I only wish the 100 idiots leading us, a 100 crore population would feel the same