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Nov 3, 2008

Rome Total War Triology

Finally!!! After months and months of agony and frustration, and after giving it all up, I had the Good Fortune to stumble upon a game I had been looking for quite some time now.

Let me tell you about this game called Rome Total war. I was initiated into this game by my good friend Ajith, who gave me the game in 2005. It was the first game my laptop saw, and for the next one year I was speaking roman to Ajith, much to the frustration and annoyance to our close friends.





Rome Total war is a strategy game from the house of SEGA. It was the second game launched after SHOGUN Total war. This game is basically about the Roman times (270 BC to 400 AD) Set in the time when the Roman senate was in action. The game basically is a conquer all strategy game, and you can play with different factions. Initially you get to choose only one of the three Roman FAmilies ( Julii, Brutii and Scipii) Once you complete the campaign mode you get to choose from more factions like Greeks, Gauls etc. YOu need to manage your states in terms of buildings and armies. And since they[re all inter connected and have a result on your income and quality of generals and admirals, you gotta be careful with what you have.

The game also has two other modes, being Historical battles-where you replay real life battles occurring in the past, or custom battles choosing your opponent and the weapons and armies.

The second part of this game was the Rome Total War-Barbarian Expansion. This game brought in only two major factions, West Rome and East Rome under the Roman banner, and the basic idea was to hold and conquer particular states in order to win the game. There were changes in the in-game scrolls and gameplay. In addition there were countries playable from the start unlike the First Edition. However this dint defer much to the initial Game.


However the third Expansion, Rome Total War-Alexander was a challenge no true strategy lover could avoid. A tougher scenario, you play as Alexander and need to capture 11 odd states in a new map, within a certain number of "turns". You have lesser support from the your own  cities as their in constant mess and riots, killing your money supply. This game is what I got finally today and it is really making me crazy



The other installations of Total war have been Medieval war ,Empire total war and the much awaited MEdieval Total war 2. Theres also rumors of  Mughal Total War coming soon. For more details check out the website.


Check out the screen shots






If your a strategy Games enthusiast then the Total War series is something you must try. Have a look also at Age of Empires series and Age of mythology series. Rise of Nations is also ok.


Any ways Happy gaming!

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