Just Emkaying: Site under development

Nov 21, 2008

Site under development

Hi ya all!!!

I had mentioned some time back that I wanted to really make the blog look cool, but my lack of software and IT knowledge wasnt helping me. And neither were roomies around to help me, so I was frustated.And I was scared to try it on Daily Mirror.

But after finally afters hours of toiling (And swearing, screaming, throwing those blasted java books to the wall) I have finally managed to stumble upon one of the worlds best blogsites, which has showed me how to do it myself... Yes and have learnt most of this and have been doing my scratch work on Daily Mirror TEsting

HAve a look at the effects and colours. It is by no way a preview of the future of Daily mirror, but am sharing it just for kicks!!!

Have a nice laugh



  1. Hi. Yeah it's nice. Clean and cool(bcoz of blue).
    Exactly when u started calling yourself Maddy? haha... kidding. BadIndian! :)

  2. Actually I dint..One of my friends did, when I started calling her by a phoren name. And it stuck. I have a billion names!!! More popular being pothan(buffalo in malayalam I guess)

    I liked maddy..MAdan stands for Krishna-ish attributes which am working on currently!!!