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Nov 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace-Review

I don't think its right time for a review of QOS, being already quite some time as it has been released. However most of the reviews I read dint give me the right picture of the movie. What I had expected was completely different from what I watched today.


While watching the movie you need to remember two things. This bond is NOT The suave and smooth gadget savvy Pierce Brosnan Bond. This Daniel Craig Bond is an intense, I don't give a damn Bond. The second important point is that this is the beginning of James Bond, And is more of how the Elegant Bond came into picture.

As we already know this movie is about a hurt, revengeful James out to kick ass anyone that's not helping him on his way to get the Bad guys. The movie has brilliant Action. By Action I don't mean Scud missiles flying out from Cars or Radar deflecting semi aircraft parachute holding rockets. Here its hardcore Bond beating up the bad guys, more realistic fights. Real Car chases and practically possible stunts.

Craig has actually done most of the stunts Himself. The movie shows a human 007 who can get hit and beaten up, and there's a lot more story and drama. If you are going to the cinema hall to watch high flying gadgetry and bond Sleeping with all his female accomplices than your going to be disappointed. To have watched Casino Royale would also be a big plus in understanding the movie.

The best part of the movie is in not knowing what will happen next, and how bond is going to react.

The movie continues from the last movie. Bond is basically after two people. One is man who betrayed Vesper Lynd, the woman he loved; and Dominic Greene (bullfrog-eyed Mathieu Amalric), a big player in the sinister organization that blackmailed her, now striking a shady deal in some Bolivian desert.

The whole movie revolves around Bond trying to get hold of Dominic Greene. At the same time Olga Kurylenko (Camille), plays a good part and has her eyes set on the Bolivian General who is planning a coup. And helping the Bolivian General is Dominic Greene. Apparently Olga is out to take revenge against The general who ruined her family and that's how Bond and Olga meet.

The movie has lots of twists and turns but could have done with better dialogue and narrative. Its not as entertaining as Casino Royales narrative build and story. But you have to keep your eyes open or you might miss a vital link. The locales for the movie are brilliant.

Olga however has played a character that stands on her own and doesnt need a bond .Very independent and very different from all he previous bond girls. Being arguably 007's hottest accomplices, There isnt a single bedroom scene with Bond. Which again brings out the ruthless and single minded objective of revenge in both Bond and Olga.

Overall I would rate it a 3.5 on 5 as a movie. Worth watching and enjoyable if you are up to some great practical movie action and A fantastic Bond. To be true it actually gives strength to the fact that Daniel Craig fits the bill as a 21st century Bond and a strong characterization .Hard core Pierce Brosnan style fans might find it a bit hard to swallow. No wonder the drab reviews!!!

Happy Movie watching!!!

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