Just Emkaying: TS 6 The Twist

Nov 18, 2008

TS 6 The Twist

Prof Hegde's classes has always been a mix of fun and learning. But this time I had better things to do. Like planning for an escape to Andaman or Nicobar. After biting off more than I could chew, I felt that there was nothing left for me to do.

However what was really getting me worried was Who? who was the person my partner had spoken to? Who. It could be anyone as far as I knew. And now that Mr. Somesh and me had this issue between us ( YA ya I know, It was my screw up but hey!!! He did say it to someone!!!) It was going to be a while before we patched up. Anyways he was already out of his local place and got in touch with some one from the bench behind.

But that was the least on my mind right now. 

The bell went off. It was the morning interval and now there was no place to hide. I escaped to drown my sorrows in a glass of water near the cooler. I decided against going back to class and headed towards the canteen. 


I turned back and saw Mohan. And it struck me right there. It was Rochelle. YES. HE had spoken to Rochelle. How dumb of me! Mohan had this wry smile on his face. 

As I understood the entire depth of the situation I almost had a vision of Mohan in a King Arthur suit atop a Gallant Stallion. Trumpets sounding, Bugles blowing. (Full Eastman Colour, of course) 360 Dolby digital. 

YEs, at that point of time he was my Knight in Shinin Armor. The next moment we were sharing a Coke and I asked him over a plate of Samosa's

Me- Why dint you tell me!

Moh- Why dint you ask?

Me- What, IF you'd known you could have saved me the trouble!!! What did ya get out of that heh

Moh- Nothing, But it wasnt my business. Anyways I guess you could do with a little help from an expert!!!

Me- Expert? You?

Moh- Get me another coke and yes, Me

Mohan knew Most of the girls in our class and more so he knew seema. So I was willing to bet a coke on it.  I mean going to Andaman was a bit far fetched too. Maybe I could keep it as a second option.

Me- Heres your coke. And now...

Moh- Well first of all the Warning. These things are not for you. Step out now and its the best thing you can do.

Have you ever tried telling a kid not to do something? Invariably that kid was gonna do that, the moment you asked him not to. Such was the case with me.


Moh- Okay. Anyways think about it.  What I would suggest is be yourself and things would go fine. 

Saying this he promptly slurped up his coke and started to leave.

Me- HEy Mr. Expert where do you think you are going? 

Moh- Well you wanted help. Thats it!!! Work around it for a while!

Me- But, I mean, Like... 

It was too late. Mohan was already half way gone. Andaman wasnt a Bad Idea afterall. I walked towards the class and Saw pretty woman walking down the aisle to the class. I thought I caught a glimpse of a smile, and was beginning to have second thoughts.

As I turned the corner,I was sure it was a smile all right. But not directed at me. It was at some guy at the doorway who was chatting to her for almost 15 min. He dissapeared just as I got there. 

I hadnt even started when some other guy already got there! Maybe ol' Mohan was right. Maybe I should back off.

Looking back now that was the first time I had not heeded good advice and it wasnt the last either.

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