Just Emkaying: The Story. Meet the strangers

Nov 11, 2008

The Story. Meet the strangers

Undoubtedly As awe struck as I was by her presence in the class, it was obvious I wasnt the only one. Beauty is seldom unpopular and so was the case. It was only days before we would have the seniors all roaming in our corridors and making not so discreet enquiries. The only thing that kept them from approaching her was that she looked smart. And at no instance do you want to mess with someone who is good looking and smart at that!!!

Over the days of initial classroom introductions (During the profs intro classes) we came to know that there were three people who were really out of town. One was a guy from Bangalore, the other was the "strike down with lightning" girl I spoke about, who was eduated in Pune though had her native somewhere near by, and  the third person; This third person who caught my attention was Rochelle from Bahrain. The catch phrase for me however was Bahrain.

Being away from what I felt was home(Bahrain), the mere mention of the word brought about memories. Of swimming pool family get togethers or watching terminator on the large screen Tv. To kababs at the barbeque or stealing mice from the school Lab. Anyways I turned to look at her and she gave me the acknowledgement. Somewhere I too had mentioned that I had been in Bahrain ( Be-h-Rain by Prof Hegde ) and we instantly connected. Though it was months before we actually started talking due to social standings.

By social standings, in our college talking to a girl meant you were going out with her or that you were hanky panky kinda guy. It also meant the girl was careless, shameless and so on. And being in the first year we werent in a league of extra ordinary gentlemen so to speak, to break these  "norms".

Anyway my attention was back on socialising with the people on my side of the class and an occassionaly peak at the "pretty woman" in row 2.  I had told my roomies about this and they promptly put me on the track of Romantic endeavours.

In one of their group disclosures, one of them burnt my elbow with an iron. Though I'd say it was my fault as I was in my own dream world listening to the then romantic tracks of "Pyaar tune kya kiya"( Thats Love-you-what-did for my non hindi readers) After hundreds of lessons from my ever concerned roomies, I decided that at least I should find out what pretty woman is doing here, where she stays..you know the general information. I thought this would be easy, but then again I hadnt put Somesh in this equation...

And man did he mess it up or what!!!


  1. Dude cool man. Continue with the story. Its very interesting to read payaar tune kya kiya?? good blog. keep going

    Mukund Shenoy

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