Just Emkaying: Politics of Terror

Nov 27, 2008

Politics of Terror

You tell us that we should vote for you,
That you are the right choice

You tell us that the other is wrong
That you can put an end to them

You tell us that our children will have a future
That you support education and learning

You tell us that things will be right
That you will make sure they are

And when we do choose you,
You are not around

When you make "others" wrong
You are not around

When we are insecure and attacked
You are not around

When democracy is threatened
You are not around

When children are raped and murdered
You are not around

When the country is held to Ransom
You are not around

You claim that religion is the cause
Then what is the meaning of "Indian"?

You claim we are safe
How do we loose thousands everyday?

Why aren't our armed forces supported and encouraged
Where is respect for courage and valor

But of course you are safe
But of course you are protected
But of course you have three meals a day
But of course your "people" are always happy
But of course you earn more that half your constituency does


You are the problem
You are the issue
You are the religion
You are the enemy
You You You

Its time for WE
Its time for US
My religion is Indian
My God is India
My family are the citizens of India.

And I will not let you do this to us.


  1. wow u have put down everything that all of us feel right now ...

  2. Thats the least we can do to show our anger and disgust at our countries leaders.