Just Emkaying: Ashutosh Kaushik cracks Big BOss 2!!!

Nov 22, 2008

Ashutosh Kaushik cracks Big BOss 2!!!

Yep, he's done it again. After winning the last MTV Roadies season, Ashutosh Kaushik small town, big heart guy wins the BIg Boss 2 today. After having close competition with Raja Choudhary. The third finalist was Zulfi Sayeed, who had a role in the recently released controversial movie "DEsh Drohi"

Ashutosh has been publically announcing the support of both Rahul Mahajan and Raja, would supported him and wanted him to win. In fact Rahul even pledging to do everything he could to make sure Ashutosh walked away with the 1 crore bounty. Rahul walked away with a car for being the bade dilawala dude in the house.

To a large extent Zulfi has voiced his concern and dissapointment in his being voted out, as he was piped to take the 1st spot. He also spoke against the politics going on in the big boss 2 house.

Though when Shilpa Shetty launched the show, there reservations about the participants who were not that well known, the show has been a huge success for TV channel Colors.All through the show there were interesting incidents going on in the BB house, including Rahuls link up with Monica,  and Ashutosh tie up with Diana Hayden. There was also the case of Jane Goody, the Shilpa shetty basher, who left the show owning to health concerns.

However what remains to be seen is the next step for Mr. Ashutosh. After winning the hearts of the youth with MTV roadies, he has taken the entire country with him through Big Boss 2. What he does next is going to be watched with deep interest. 

Anyways heres congratulating you and wishing you the best Ashu!!!

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