Just Emkaying: TS 7 Notebook please!!!

Nov 20, 2008

TS 7 Notebook please!!!

I wouldn't call myself a jealous guy but at that moment, pure rage engulfed me as I imagined that senior dude hitting on my girl. Well, she wasn't exactly my girl yet but if that was to happen Mr. Senior dude would have to be a negative integer in the equation.

I could almost see the tragedy unfolding in front of my eyes. Senior impresses girl; takes her out to lunch- she falls for him. Then a dance in the basketball court and a proposal over a candle light dinner. She would say yes and he'd call for champagne, and I'd pop the bottle and serve them.

Whoa! Me serve them?! How the hell did I come into the picture- surely I'd have to do something and quick. Perhaps I could challenge him to a basketball game and hit him hard enough with a ball in the right areas. Or I could push him of the bus heh heh..

And just when you least expected it he was at the door with a package…Senior that he was I could walk up to him and say WTF, and I’d only succeed in getting my booty whooped. And then She walked towards him with extended arms-ala slow motion, flowers showering, violins playing and everything went white and red. And I could only close my eyes and think nooooo

And when I opened my eyes he was gone. The class room was back, Flowers were replaced by Cobwebs and the violins gave way to the restless chattering and blabbering from my classmates. And she was back in her seat. I knew love used to be blind before they invented credit cards and John Abraham, but I was outright hallucinating.

But I wasn’t hallucinating; the package was there on her desk. As she packed up to leave, she reached in to the package and pulled out a couple of notebooks. I’d heard of love letters but love note books? Man this senior was outta his mind-

Notebooks? It was the senior’s college Notebooks!! She was just borrowing the guy’s old notebooks!! Phew, I had to stop this day dreaming of mine or I’d end up in one of Manipal’s famous medical facilities.

And thinking of which I got the first sensible idea for that day. Maybe I'd need some notebooks too...As I waited for the class to disperse, I watched the fans slow down, and planned for the notebook which was my key…


  1. ...so what was the end of the story?...

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting, the story is a series, the next post will be up today. You can catch the updates on the Label "The Story".

    You have a very interesting blog. Do keep posting!!!