Just Emkaying: Lonesome George

Nov 15, 2008

Lonesome George

We are very much aware of whats happening in the world around us and to a large extent whats happening isnt good. Humans are very selfish and uncaring beings, destroying the environment and creating a unreversable change. 

The following is a video on Lonesome George, the last and only surviving Penta Galapagos Tortoise in the world. His entire species was wiped off by shippers. Why? Because these animals could survive without food or water for a year, ans this made them good and fresh food over long naval journeys.

You can also read more on the same at NAtional Geographic. The video is much better but I couldnt Embed the same.

Its really sad how we dont know how we change the world with each step we take. Another interesting article is on Light pollution. Got this post on REstless Princess. Read it here.

Catch the NGC images here

Am honestly going to try to make a difference from today.

And hope you will too.


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  2. Any time!!! Good work should always be public and appreciated!!!