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Nov 3, 2010

I had decided

On Dec 31st 2009, I had decided not to live the way I used to. It was a tough decision, after all, I was making some brave decisions, changing Jobs, changing places and all that. I wanted to move out of my comfort zone and live a new me. (If your bothered by the lot of "I"s, there's gonna be a lot more, this is your chance if you wanna make a run for it)

Taking action on the new years day, I made a list of things that am gonna do, no matter what. So I went off and bought a Guitar. A few days of You Tube learning later, the brand new Guitar is now staring at me accusingly, probably playing a high F note sounding something like "LOOSER".

Then I went on to buy some fancy French learning App on my I phone, only to wonder what it was 6 months later.

I also decided to get a 6 pack by the end of 2010 (Aim ridiculously high) and joined the Gym. 4 months of gym-ing later, and 5 kilos lighter (which am sure had to do with the light weight shoes) am still cursing my family pack that reaches any place a second earlier than the actual me.

I decided I would never compromise. With my principles. With myself. But the whole year, I seem to have been doing just the opposite and at every single step. Compromising, Compromising, Compromising.

I would not crib (yes, am good at it), just going from one peak to the other. This post is the complete opposite of that.

I would give a honest try at my novel. Its still lying incomplete.

And the most important, I would never hesitate to tell a girl that I like her. No matter what. To my credit, I still might, but I hadn't added all the variables in that decision. Sigh...(That's the toughest one)

And the most interesting part was that I turned 25 this year. That practically puts you on top of the Yes You can - But You may not - But this is important - Who bloody cares - But not that much - roller coaster. So your yes and no, you want to but think you shouldn't and so on. Sigh.

Had to ramble all this... Excuse Moi while I head for the malted barley in ze freezer to Feel bettere.

MaDdy :(

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