Just Emkaying: Trip to Murudeshwar

Oct 26, 2010

Trip to Murudeshwar

Location : Murudeshwar, Karnataka

From : Udupi, Karnataka

Total distance : Around 102 km, and is easily reached by driving (aprox 3 hours ) and Train (approx 2 hours)

Route : Mangalore - Udupi - Kundapur - Bhatkal - Murdeshwar

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Murudeshwar is an amazing getaway for a weekend, and can be visited either over a day or over two days, staying overnight at any of the affordable accomodation facilites avaiable in the area. The star attraction of the Temple, is the magnificent Statue of Lord Shiva (2nd largest in the world) and The huge gopura (249 feet, largest in the world). The seated Shiva is surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Sea on three sides, and is visible from most of the village.

We left from Udupi to catch the 8.20 Rajdhani which goes to Goa, but the train got delayed by around 2 hours (sigh!!!) which meant we lost the chance to see the beautiful early sun. However once on the train, we had good company [or more like beautiful company :) ] and we reached at 11.30am . After a short walk, we reached the entrance to Murudeshwar, and a 20 rupee ride took us 5 km to the beach shore, and to the RNS resort where we stayed.

The beach is good, but not really great. But the best part of the whole trip is the ride up the elevator (20 stories) on the raj gopura (Rs 20). The view from the top floor is amazing, and you can see all around the village. Apart from that , the hillock on which the Statue is situated is also a fantastic view point, and also good to enjoy the breeze from the sea.

We stayed overnight, and caught some fantastic sights of Lord Shiva under the lights. After roaming around the village and the beach, we were back for some well deserved sleep.

We got back to Udupi, by catching a giovernment bus (very convenient) instead of the railways, and go to have a look at the beautiful Marvanthe Beach as well.

For the easily bored, there are the regular water sports (rating 2.5/ 5) and the wine shops :P , but overall a good getaway for the weekend. Max cost for 2 people Rs 3000 ( with food, accomodation, etc, etc)

I leave you with some pictures to enjoy :)

MaDdy :)

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