Just Emkaying: The Dog, The Spider and Beauty

Oct 10, 2010

The Dog, The Spider and Beauty

From the Past 4 days, this dog has me in a fix. We have no idea where he comes from, where he disappears to, and apparently am the only one apart from my ground floor neighbors who have seen him. His face looks just like Jimmy's. The First day he was outside the gate, and he didn't wake up from his classic "chin on the floor" slump look (classic Labradorean style). He didn't budge an inch when my bike was almost over him. Strange. And no response to the regular whistle, coochie coos and all that.

Day 2, he was inside the gate, and this time he wagged his tail for like a second. Or maybe he was swatting a fly with his tail, am not too sure. But then again, there was this depression in his eyes, like he lost his way home or something. When I checked later to get him some food, he was gone. Needless to say the next day he was back, and in a few hours, gone.

Reminiscent of life. Like Linkin Park said in Minutes to Midnight " Somewhere I belong..."

There is this half inch spider thats built its outdoor web right from the railing of my staircase to the roof of my balcony. Its absolutely exposed to the rain, the wind and the sun. And all day long, its right there in the center, holding on and waiting. And Waiting. And Waiting.

This is out of character for me, for usually I would have got it into a book and flung it far off from me. Not killed it, just de-throned it from my territory. This time, I just sat on the stair case, staring at it. It staring at me. And we connected like old friends do. I'll miss him when he's gone.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

1. A baby talking to itself
2. Kids pulling their mums handbag in a a bakery
3. The smell of rain on dry soil
4. A group of friends fighting over something meaningless
5. That SMS, which makes you smile
6. The missed one that calls
7. An Old Couple teasing each other
8. The loved one that smiles
9. Pets jumping all over you when you see them after a long time
10. The compliment from unexpected quarters
11. Waking up late on a weekday
12. The rare comment on the blogpost ;)
13. Arguing with parents on whose that "girl"
14. Getting drunk and making a fool of yourself
15. The rustling of leaves in a breezy afternoon

 MaDdY  :)

A thing of beauty is a Joy forever - John Keats

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