Just Emkaying: The Game of Love

Oct 19, 2010

The Game of Love

Must we play these games, my love?
Where winning is more important than each other,
The cause for us is lost
Right here itself,
What fun will these games deliver?

Yes, its true, we're not the same
And surely you will find many that are
But then they're them, and I am me,
And I am the one that's different by far

Am not stupid, and neither are you
Then why the intent to show it so?
This should be a game, for us and them
And not between me and you

All I hear, is what your not saying
And its not a pleasant tune
Patience is a virtue, and I know
that it too will run out soon

So Don't throw the dice, Don't look at the score,
Life has a lot to offer.
Perhaps Today, Perhaps tomorrow,
But for sure, this game will make us suffer

The time's are a little, to play such games,
I hope its now, not never.
Lets make up, and build our world
Today, Tomorrow and Forever.

If at this, you still want to play this game
Then am no willing player
I'll take mine, and you take yours
And we'll walk on our roads in the sunset, I hope one last time together.

MaDdy :)

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