Just Emkaying: Conversations with Mad, Maddy and Madan

Nov 13, 2010

Conversations with Mad, Maddy and Madan

Before we get into details, let me inform you that I have MMD. Mulitple Madan Disorder. Over a Period of time I have decided that MMD will be the cause that I shall blame for any failure to comply with rules, acting stupid, not paying the credit card bills and winking at random women in CCD.

There are days when am just normal, laughing at jokes, being empathetic and walking in a straight line, and this personality is called Madan. (or at least I think so)

Then there are days when Masala Dosa's give me suicidal thoughts and any one pointing to me tends to end up on the floor in a completed pile drive aka undertaker ( \m/ ) This is Mad. Though he isn't got that physical yet. (Thanx to Mr. Madan)

And finally, meeting the Madan -o-bot (who, obviously hasn't got over Transformers, Megan Fox and Bugs Bunny) who thinks he is no less than Brad Pitt in a sarong, on Axe Island hosting the Oscars every time he opens his mouth.

While all three are on the extremities of Pragmatic, Pessimist and Optimist, there is no one clear winner in most situations. I tend to be moody because of these three guys, changing from hour to hour, day to day, month to month.

As of now, most of them come out at the wrong time. When am in a presentation, the mad is in. When am talking to a nice chick, the practical Madan is in and when its someone who's yelling at me, Maddy takes center stage. All doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Reacting to same situation in different personalities, yet somehow I haven't got any combination right.

I would have loved to chat more, but the Maddy and Mad are yelling in my ears about some movie on Star so I got ta go!!! Cya


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