Just Emkaying: Chennai, Change and Curses.

Nov 30, 2010

Chennai, Change and Curses.

My second time down to Chennai was a 3 day trip which turned out to be more pleasant than the last.

Occasionally my company sends me off to random parts of the country to check the weather and to talk to people. (Yes, I get paid for talking to people, and No, talking to me doesn't mean your getting a share of it) 

This time down, I Actually felt good roaming around the place, recognizing pubs, bars ( Yep, you guessed it, I get paid for that too) There was this auto guy who dint have change to give me, so he told me he'd pick me up the next day in front of my guest house. Sure enough the next day, he was there. What's shocking is that this happened in chennai. I think all the pirate auto drivers of Tamil Nadu must have been chased out to Bangalore, cos here they bloody well drive to kill .

Another interesting person I met was my cabbie, who was from Nepal, and over 1 hour of the ride gave me a crash course in the most choicest mother-sister curses, coupled with a few reproductive organs thrown if for good measure, while all the time referring to a certain political party leader and "her"  PM.

The guy dint have change for my 500 note, so he said he'd recharge my number with currency, and I agreed with the thought that this was a new excuse to make some extra cash.  Believe it or not, he actually went back and recharged my cell for the balance!!!

So I remember Chennai for a better reason this time around, and I came back with a kilo of Mysore pak and a good experience overall!!!


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