Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 24

Mar 14, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 24

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Day 24

1. Egg Factory (St Marks Road)

"Eggtarians" rejoice, behold your dreams come true!!! Located in the nook of St. Marks road, right at the beginning and behind Dewars Wines, is this awesome place that serves, well, Eggs!!!and all types of em. They have a range of dishes, including some varieties that are native to the Education town of Manipal. What makes this place really cool, is that the interiors are set up like a factory. Work benches for seats, quirky sign boards and all that. There's always place to sit down, the service is good, the ambiance is fun. Eggcited? Head out this Sunday to see for yourself!!!

2. Laa Jawaab (Indiranagar)

On CMH Road, right above ICICI Bank is this nice fine dine kinda restaurant which was discovered by  accident (I was looking at the new glow sign, when the car screeched to a haul inches away from my bike). They have an awesome range of tandoori kebabs, and most of the mutton dishes are succulent. Avoid Cocktails and Vegetarian items, and the waiters can get snooty. But the Mutton, Sigh. The ambiance is nice, over looking CMH without the noise part. Nice family get together? Go for the Chops!!!


The closer the D Day, the more interesting its getting. There are so many places that I haven't yet discovered, all ways been pushing it to the next Saturday or Sunday, which inevitably goes down Beer laden pubs. I think the biggest miss has been not getting the tour of the Vidhan Soudha, which must rank as one of the grandest buildings in the country. But I guess the stench of politics would have been too much to bear. Also missed is the Museum on Kasturba Gandhi Road, which frankly speaking did not really appeal to me. I guess all in all, there's still time in the larger scheme of things :)


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