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Mar 19, 2012

My Story

Way back in the hot summer in Udupi '00, I remember the moment I fell in love with Marketing. Sitting on the steps of the Bus Stop, I overheard my senior talk about Advertising. Yes. Advertising.(how it developed into marketing is a long story) It was then that he told me two things. One, Its important that you always learn, but its more important to let others know you're learning (I now think that if you're learning it shows automatically). And two, You know whats best for you, no one else does. And therefore no one else can ever tell you what to do, whether you're right or wrong, or whatever. Cliché? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

Strangely, no one told me what to do. In the few occasions that someone did, I failed miserably. In a moment of great weakness, I chose to pursue an MBA from a college that is no longer in existence. I knew it wasn't where I should have been, many thought I had lost it, in fact I believed it too. But somewhere deep down, I decided to give everything a shot. Right or Wrong? I don't know.

I joined a start up. As one of the more "Active" students, I had a chance at other things, but some or the other thing kept coming in between. 6 months later,I had quit and  I found my self signing my offer letter from   a sports major in their Indiranagar office, right on 100 ft road. 10 days later, a reference from a client at Future Group got me an interview at a leading Cosmetic major, in Sales. I hated Sales, and it was Cosmetics.But then, I had a job when I came out of the office.With a lot of regret, I gave up the Sports job (My start up company refused to give me a relieving letter, and they were adamant for it) the day I was supposed to be heading to Delhi . Many felt I should have joined the sports company, which was on the top of the game in India at that time. But then, somethings don't make sense at the moment, you just feel it and do it.

2 years of Sales torment (for I sucked at it) , Dealer management and pressure management later, I finally called it quits. I bagged an offer from a media company, at a princely package, and a great marketing role. 2 days after I joined, they moved me into Sales (Organisation restructuring apparently). 13 days from that day, I moved myself permanently out. I did not have a job in hand at that time, but I refused to wait. Again, they say quitting without a job in hand is fool hardy, I say it too. But at that moment, it felt right.

Almost immediately I got my first break into Trade Marketing for Bangalore with an alco-bev major. This was by far my most "happening" role till then. I honestly and truly loved my job, the people, the culture. The pay was decent, growth seemed highly likely. I was openly acknowledged as a good performer in just 6 months. In the 7th month I quit. For an opportunity to work at my dream role, Brand management. Giving up something that's going very well, for an uncertain future. It just felt right.

In one of the worlds largest alco-bev companies, I was offered the role of an Asst Brand Manager, which I felt was unfair. But I didn't have any relevant experience. I think I can honestly say, the last 22 months is were I actually learned the "job" that I had wanted to do. But in two years, for the first time, I began to feel uncomfortable. Things weren't going how I had expected them to. Needless to say,as I wait for the last few days of my notice period, a long abandoned dream has become a reality as I move to one of the best FMCG majors in the world. Again, everything looks right.

People say once you move to a liquor industry, there's no going back. You shouldn't keep changing jobs, You shouldn't this, and that. I don't think it works like that.

I am not trying to make a big deal out of what could be Pure Luck. Perhaps it's just something that was going on and I happened to be in the right place. It makes sense now, but at that time, It wasn't so.

I guess what am trying to say, is that most of the times you don't understand why things happen. I might suck big time at my new job, worst case perhaps I might lose my job. But that's OK. Nothing is as horrible as it seems to be at the moment. You just have to wait it out, and keep the faith that the the horizon is near. This holds true everywhere, even in personal life.

I believe that everyone should follow their heart. If you want to do something, do it. If you are struggling, don't give up. There are off days, and then there are the amazing ones. The amazing ones are meant to tide over the miserable ones. I remember the movie 3 Idiots, where after all those years, everything falls in place for Rancho and his friends. I hope the same for everyone. Maybe the same, maybe even better.

Have a little faith. Be a little crazy. Get a little imagination. Say Sorry and Thank You. Smile daily, Laugh loudly. Dance like there's no tomorrow. Never give up a chance to let someone know how much you like them. Have an attitude, have an opinion. Attempt to help others. Be kind to the lesser fortunate. I know, You can't always live like that. But in all, Believe and Live Life.


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