Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 23 - 19

Mar 19, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 23 - 19

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As expected, am getting lazy and the daily posts are taking their toll on me. (Am eating more) Nonetheless, in the greater food good, here goes the rest of the places you should drop by.

1. Woodstock (Indiranagar)

Located off 100 feet road (first left after the flyover coming from Koramangla)

I actually am surprised I missed this way up front. It has a good ambience, brings back lots of fond memories, and has awesome Sizzlers. In fact most of their food is awesome. All time Favorite, without doubt is the London House Woodstock Grill. If you reach there before 7-8 pm, you get a 30% disc or a 1+1 on booze, so its worth the rush from work. The Caesar Salad is good, but deserts are so so (except the Kahlua mousse) I would avoid cocktails, they mess them up. Rates right up there in my top 3.

2. Davangere Benne Dosa (Off DVG Road, Netakallapa Circle)

Its not the actual name, and the restaurant is 10feet by 3 feet long, staffed by some 7 people. You eat outside, under the shade of the Huge Banyan Tree. IF you beat the crowd in line to order some delicious, mouth watering, crispy, Benne Dosa's all in True Davangere Ishtyle. They serve lots of free Chutney, with a Soft Aloo mix that I have never ever got anywhere else. I can't explain to you in words, but believe me, If you're not the snooty-fine-dine only, and love awesome food, please head here and eat your heart out. Again, IF you reach the counter that is.

3. The Only Place, Museum road

Most of you have heard of it, many have been there. Must try the Whooper burger line up, the Lasagna and specials. Totally worth it. Again, Absolutely crowded.

4. Daddy's Deli, Indiranagar (Near Sony World Signal)

Rich, Pampering, Sinful, Delicious, Mouth Watering, Sumptuous, are all the words you'll think of when you're done at Daddy's Deli. And I have only been there once. Parsi Food at its best, grab everything while you can. I wrote about the place quite some time back, and its been one of the top 2 searches on my Blog ever since. They also serve wine, so this Saturday afternoon, grab your loved one and head out for a nice long lunch. Special Recommendation - Eggs  and the Patrani Macchi. :)

I Can't write about food any more!!!Am Starving!!!


For as long as I can remember, of all the places, Mumbai was the last place I'd see myself moving too. But then things unfold in mysterious ways, and when you look back after a few years, you'd think "Really?". I was packing today, and for most the time I was nostalgic,just looking at stuff. The first trip to Nandi hills, the second trip to Nandi hills, The mandatory Mysore road Coffee day trip, the Savandurga hills. Over time, all these places leave a little in you, and you in them. And photos, yes. I love taking photos, because it reminds you of the good times. Obviously, no one takes photos of the bad times. In fact, you can guesstimate where a person is standing, depending on the number of photos they've been sharing. If they are the sharing types. Anyways, enough said for one day. Forgive the grammar, too hungry to bother.

Off to dinner :)



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