Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 26 & 25

Mar 13, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 26 & 25

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Quick update on Day 27, the Meghana Biryani (Aka Meghana Foods) has also opened parallel to Nagarjuna foods near Brigade road. :)

Day 26&25

1. Punjabi Rasoi (Indiranagar / RT Nagar)

While Bobby Dhaba is by far the most popular "Punjabi" joint in Bangalore, (And I haven't been there, YET) Punjabi Rasoi serves one of the best North Indian Cuisine. I don't call it "Punjabi" cuisine, because I haven't actually eaten in Punjab. Anyways, Recommended grabs here are the Chicken Chatpat (Lip smacking), Mutton Sheekh, Dal Makhani, and Butter Chicken. Prices are very reasonable, and they have decent service.

2. Halli Mane (Malleshwaram)

This HAS to be the most popular Vegetarian joint. Some might say MTR is the best, but personally I think they are two different styles of food. Halli Mane has a typical Bangalore feel, giving you the best of Bangalore and Karnataka. While the sheer pace of the whole thing can be overwhelming for new comers, it  is quite well organized. There is a separate snack counter, Dosa counter, Parcel Counter, Chat counter, and a service dining area above, making it actually look complicated to the new comer. While everything is awesome, do specially try the coffee. Feel free to explore the food!!!

Just FYI, Halli Mane, means Village House in Kannada.

3. Nagarjuna (MG Road / Indiranagar/ Jayanagar)

One of the members of the Andhra Food Trinity of Nagarjuna, Nandini and Nandhana, these guys are particularly better in the quality of food, compared to the other two. Popular for its Biryani and Andhra Meals, unfortunately, just like most of their type, their service is sad. Its always crowded, and it is as if they are doing a favor by letting you eat there. Coming to the food, Andhra Chilly Chicken, most of the mutton dishes and the Biryani is worth a try. If I were you, I'd skip the Sea Food. You are warned, it's some real spicy stuff here, so keep some space for desert ;)

4. Cafe Max (Indiranagar)

This is my absolute favorite hangout, unfortunately, I haven't been there enough. Located on top of the Max Mueller Bhavan on CMH Road, they serve awesome Bacon and Sausages, great Cheese cakes, and a fantastic ambience to go with it. Nice Breezy Terrace, with the right crowd (wink, wink) and there you have a perfect Saturday Morning. This is a must go to place, people. Must. Go. To.

I believe the only sad part of Bangalore, are their Auto walas. Totally moronic, they WILL Fleece you, and will make the best attempts to make you pay more. It's happened to me a few times, and its a pain. But then let me tell you that more than 50% of the autos are not licensed and are run by people trying to make a quick buck. It also doesn't help, that during the IT boom, people paid over and above the regular fare. Why? I don't know. But they have got used to it. How to save yourself the trouble? - This should help. (How to Choose an Auto Rickshaw



  1. I am hoping to see a whole post on Shettara / Thindi Beedi from V V Puram. God I miss Akki Roti! Sigh. Love, C.

  2. That's a place I need to go to C!!! Akki Roti, Yes, Sigh.