Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 28

Mar 9, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 28

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Day 28

1.Thulp (Kormangala & Other locations) 

With a seating capacity of 20, lots of board games and comics, and a menu that is introduced by "Moo", this place is an awesome joint. Innovative and Delicious. "Whattaay Burger da" is the first thought with the first bite into that juicy, well done meat dripping with melting cheese and held in place by green lettuce. Sigh. Enough said. go, gO, GO!!!

2. Coast2Coast (Kormangala and MG Road)

Chicken Ghee Roast 
My Favorite place in Bangalore, this is authentic Mangalorean Cuisine. Love Seafood? This is the place to go. Love Kori Roti? You'll get it here. But By GAWD, The master piece, the king of kings, the brillianto magnificento moutha wateringa dish is.......*drum roll*   THE GHEE ROAST. Believe me, and I kid you not, this dish is orgasmic. It comes in a variety of options, like chicken, mutton and prawn, but prawn is the best. The best combo would be to have it with Neer Dose, or Appam. Also must try is the Chicken Sukka, which is a coconut paste based dish from the Coasts of South Canara. They also serve alcohol, so its a great get together point. I will so so so miss it. 


As I mentally prepare to leave behind a lot, I don't know a lot of Bangaloreans. Most of my friends are people who have come from out of town, and more so out of state. I don't know why I speak Hindi most of the time, even though am fluent in Kannada. Some people would believe that I am a Mallu, some have even asked me if I was a Bengali. Both to which, I vehemently shook my head in disagreement. One lives on coconuts, and the other on Sugar. 

I made new friends in Bangalore. I learnt the native dialect of Udupi (Tulu), in Bangalore. Amongst other things, which will come in due time, Bangalore saw me through it all. Hopefully till the end. 



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