Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 29

Mar 8, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 29

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Day 29

1. SLV Ragigudda (Jayanagar East End)

SLV Ragigudda
Located at Jayanagar 4th block , East End this restaurant is a legend. It has one of the best South Indian fare in Bangalore, and Adigas stands no where compared to this place. It is one of the most popular eateries around the place, and you will never, NEVER find the place empty. My Favorites were mostly the Dosa Variety, Idli Vada Sambhar Chutney combo (which is truly superb) and the evening snacks. There used to be a lot of the college crowd here, but the last I went there was 2 years back. I hope to make a trip here before I leave though.

2. Kabab Magic (Jayanagar East End & other locations)

Kabab Magic
Am sure all of you have heard of the Empire Chain of restaurants. But believe me, if you fancy similar food, this place is far more tastier and value for money. The Shawarma rolls are to die for (My Favorite Snack!!!) and the Combo meals are brilliant. I think the Arab Pulpy Grape Juice was what they brought to Bangalore for the first time. The Grilled chicken (My Comfort food number 1) here is different in the sense that it is not drowned in fat and red chilli. Their rumali rotis are also awesome and go great with any dish. All in all, if your in that area drop in. Again anytime on Friday onwards, you'l find a huge que. Mind you, however this isn't fine dine. It's great food.


My relationship with Bangalore has been love - love. I have taken baby steps at my job, my first bike ride, everything started here. I think I can't remember a single moment where I hated the city. I have been stopped by a cop once and let go. I have had 3 major accidents on my bike, however not once have I been injured. Others have. 

At one time, this Auto toppled in the middle of the road at Ulsoor, because we were crossing a junction and he was speeding and hit my back tyre. But the Auto had school kids in them and one of them got a cut on her head (And it was her bday) The whole crowd got together against me, even though it wasn't my fault. But the moment I spoke in Kannada, every one backed off. After intense interrogation by the kids grandparents and colony members, I was let go. I went to the hospital with chocolate's and was expecting the worst from her parents. But the girl had told her parents that it wasn't my fault. Bless her!!!

So, you know the city also was part of many first's of my life. As I chronicle these places, each one brings back a special memory. Some are Joyful, and some are not. But its all good in the end.



  1. Considered being a foodie and a writer when you at it?! The 'review' if i may call it, is crisp and gives a flavour of that place. Munch and Punch away, you going to the land of amazing late night street food..you welcome sir!

  2. You can consider sharing good work you know :) Your welcome:D