Just Emkaying: Bangalore Countdown Day 9-7

Apr 1, 2012

Bangalore Countdown Day 9-7

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Welcome to Daily Mirror, and you're reading the Bangalore Countdown, where we chronicle the best places to eat and drink with our host, yours truly.

For the record, I haven't been to the following places, for some strange reason, so they do not /will not appear in my lists - Khansama, Samarkhand, Shiros, Sahib Singh Sultan and Pecos. Yes, I haven't.

And we continue...

Day 9-7

1. Luck by Chance (Indiranagar)

Luck by Chance is a small, Off the road, Bakery and Chai wala. The name board says - "Luck by Chance" which was what caught my attention. I fancy this place because of their lemon tee, which is made from, err real lemons and not some packet mix. He tops it up with some tulsi leaves, and its really nice. Not that I have had all the best teas in the world, am not even a tea drinker, so anyway.  Its also special, because I've had many discussions with myself, over cups of "Suleimani" sitting over the pavement. Sadly, a few days ago, they seem to have half closed down for renovation. Symbolic of many things at many levels.

Again, I can't locate the photograph I had of the place, and Foursquare refuses to show it to me. Apt.

2. Kanua , Sarjapur Road

I am using my discretionary powers as the author (and sole reader) of this blog, to up my one time visit (yesterday) to this restaurant to one of the top places in Bangalore list. Why?

1. Its Authentic KONKANI Food, with a KONKANI Menu, Non Veg, and VEG options that don't start and end with Paneer and Parantha.
2. A Limited menu, and NO "Adjust" food like manchurian and all that
3. The Decor is brilliant - old fashioned South Indian House types, on the terrace (Yes!!!) with wooden furniture, soft lighting, nice breeze, sit in the balcony, etc
4. You bring Alcohol, they serve it option!!! (Temporarily on hold)
5. An old world washroom!!! I kid you not, its really cool.
6. A whole WALL of bottles displayed all the way to the top of the roof
7. TIMES Food Award
8. A Kitchen that....sigh.
9. Water served from an earthen pot
10. Spacious and quiet, good music

Go eat man, Go go go. Eat anything, and you'll feel great. The Vegetarian starters, the sea food, anything. To me, it was like homecoming yesterday. A word of advice, we do use a lot of coconut and all that, but if you can deal with the food in Coast 2 Coast, this is a breeze. Its a little pricey, and quite a drive away, but its totally worth it.

* * *

Sarjapur Road has developed beyond recognition. I used to visit the Spencer's and Total Mall there way back in 2009, but now its a whole city in itself!!! I met up with my friends yesterday, and quite foodies too, and there are so many new joints that have been up, and I haven't even noticed. By the time, and If, I come back to Bangalore, I won't be surprised if the place would have changed completely. The Place and the people, I presume, will not be able to handle this rapid change.

* * *


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