Just Emkaying: Bangalore Final Countdown

Apr 4, 2012

Bangalore Final Countdown

Yes, its the final. Apart from being thorough spent on the restaurants and places, apart from total laziness (The unpacked luggage shall agree with me) I have decided to call it, err, Over.

Over the next few days, am at the mercy of my 5 year old Compaq Laptop, which more often than not, doesn't obey human commands. The I phone is my sole savior, but I don't think it can manage me.

So, with one more post after this, which is ready and lying in wait, I hereby declare the experiment successful.


Here were the places we chronicled!!!

  1. Windsor Pub
  2. Corner House
  3. SLV Ragigudda
  4. Kabab Magic
  5. Thulp
  6. Coast2Coast
  7. Kudla
  8. Meghana Biryani
  9. Punhabi Rasoi
  10. Halli Mane
  11. Nagarjuna
  12. Cafe Max
  13. Egg Factory
  14. Laa Jawab
  15. Woodstock
  16. Davangere Dosa
  17. The Only Place
  18. Daddy's Deli
  19. Urban Solace
  20. Chocolate Junction
  21. Kim Lee
  22. Bangalore Mandarin
  23. Punjabi Grill
  24. The Blue Bar
  25. Luck by Chance
  26. Kanua

Others, which I wanted to write about - Toit (Tintin Toit), Take 5 (Bacon) , Purple Haze / Jimmy's, Fava (Pita bread and Hummus), Cafe Noir (Everything) , Tascano (Prawn Caesar Salad, Pizza), Fireflies (Ambience!!!) Casa de Sol (Mutton Mince Steak) Jashn ( Kababs)

Next stop, Mumbai!!!


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