Just Emkaying: Cracking a Job Interview

Apr 1, 2012

Cracking a Job Interview

Everywhere I have been, there has been no shortage of people looking out for a job. Every single place, every single time, there are reasons a plenty to look out. Either the money's not good, or the job's not good, bad bosses, different location preferences, boredom, girlfriend in another town, homesickness, restricted growth, function shifts, graveyard shifts, Saturday working, etc etc

All said and done, no one is ever happy. Except when your nearing gratuity (4.8 months to be eligible) you manage to trudge along, and then its run run run. 

There are a million sites, which give you tips on job interviews. Dress well, polish shoes, perm your hair, Acceptable Jewel standards, Smile, carry near folder, etc etc. There is also the free advice you get from your everyone, don't jump companies, liquor is a bad place, service industry is a tough place to move from, shouldn't negotiate too hard on salary, etc etc.

All said and done, there is only one truth at the start. Getting to the table. Once your at the interview table, its all in your hands.

1. Knowing what you do - You need to know whats on your resume. You need to know what you do at your job, why you do it and why its important. Logic over plain numbers, passion of what you want to do, and being able to explain your job in an overall context. A Watchman might not be rate very high in priority in the Global scheme of things, but if he wasn't important he'd not be required. Capish?

2. Honesty - There's no point claiming things you've done if you haven't really done them. You might know them, but there's always cross questioning that can catch you off guard, and make you look silly and dent your confidence mid way. And additionally, no one expects you to know everything. I found the best way to tackle such situations is to just say it as it is - " ...I haven't worked extensively in this part of the brand development, but this is what I do know... " They will appreciate your honesty, and willingness to learn and understand

3. Attitude - Willingness to learn, Practicality with a sense of optimism, Passion will beat your skills or lack of them anytime. Believe in all that you know, its good. Else you wouldn't be at the interview. Being Polite, smiling and a sense of humor helps. And an ending statement too.
4. Keep Examples Handy - This happens like every single time. They ask you for an example of the work you've done, and you blabber the first thing that comes to mind, and then the second example and your stuck. Think about beforehand, some of the work you've done and how you could categorize them into projects highlighting your various skills or experiences.

When you speak, make eye contact, and have some expression. A dead pan face is only going to bore them. Its like everyone who has come for the interview will be around the same experience, but how much you like and are involved in what your doing, shows in your body language. And it counts.

You need to know what you really want to do, I can't stress enough how important this is. If you can explain your dream job to a kid and an elder, what you do at work, then your through. 

Getting an interview call is all about your resume. And that is something I am really not sure of. Different companies look at different things, so that's about customizing your resume. Honestly, I've not done it. Getting the call is the tough part. 

Cracking the interview is a piece of cake if you know what you're doing :)


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