Just Emkaying: Listen to me

Apr 11, 2012

Listen to me

I longed for something
You gave me something else
Your lessons are too many
I keep losing my self

My faith is quivering
It\s hard to tell right now
Will I ever believe again
When the tears are running down

What more do you expect from me
There will be a time
When I'll turn away from you
And your steps I'll never climb

I hope this message you send
Is in time, my life to mend
Too tough, is what you are with me
With her, Is what I aked to be

What more do you want
An Oasis, in this bloody drought
And you give me these sensibilities
of which, nothing has come around

Am fed up with you,
You're pulling everyone away
What shall I do with these coins
You're throwing in my face

And yet I say Hi everyday
Honestly, Purely, no dismay
I asked for others, not myself
And yet, you persist
in keeping me out

I longed for something
You refuse this only want
What I have done to anger you so
Forgive me, let me out.


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