Just Emkaying: Bangalore and me

Apr 8, 2012

Bangalore and me

I going out tonight
Am leaving by a flight
To take a better job
In a city that is a mob 

To people that I knew
Leaving behind a few
And some that I'll keep
Memories that run too deep

I was running out of time
My heart was on a mine
Lets say its destiny
She's come by saving me

Lost some in 5 long years
Some Dues, Some Tears, Some Beers
I wear a lot of cheer
Inside its still not clear

All the jumps I've made
Did things that others forbade
I kept my trust in you
You've seen me smiling through

Of all the times we laughed
Kept going up the graph
And then there was the flame
Things have never been the same

You know that its my time
Any more and I'll lose my shine
You're sending me away
I'll fake these rainy days

The sand has run its course
Some sorrow, No remorse
Some stars have long been gone
And so shall I by morn

The moon will be just the same
We'll just have different names
The safety belt sign is on
Yet all I am is torn

Am leaving you for now
the Question is - of how

As I leave, am still debating
Is this a lesson?
Or am I to keep waiting.


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