Just Emkaying: Prey

Apr 25, 2012


The Airport was hot. And everyone was busy fanning themselves and gulping down water from expensive branded bottles, the same brands that would have been available for half the price outside the Airport. Apparently the authorities felt it was ok to fleece people who come within the property of the NAI.

After the recent attacks, security was tight. The CAIF was manning every major entry and exit but in the sea of suits and salwars, they looked completely out of place in their army fatigues. Every one of them was armed with either an AK-something or a pistol. Some had stars, some had berrets, some had nothing. They checked everyone's papers and their photo id's before letting them in. You could say they had become almost mechanical.

But her eyes were watchful, marking each and everyone against their said positions on the map in her mind. Years of training and practice had made her strong and tough. Or so she thought.

Her features revealed nothing. She had dark eyes that were accentuated by the Kajal, her short hair tied in a neat bun. The Blush was colour coordinated to her lip gloss, and went well with her fair skin, making her look beautfiul, the very reason she blended in. Her clothes were designed to ensure minimal obstruction in case things went wrong, and in this case every moment was critical. She had to be alert.

She stood at the lesser fortified entrances, looking around as any passenger would. Only, she wasn't just another passenger. It was monotonous, having to wait and watch, as others also fell into the play. The game twas meant for more of their kind to fall prey to the wile and evil scheming minds of their handlers. She began fiddling with her buttons.

Soon enough, she was distracted by the baby girl. She smiled at the kids antics, who, unaware of all the hostility around her, made it a point to dance around the whole floor, walk up to anyone and everyone and gurgle a wide smile, proudly showcasing her single tooth. For a moment, the airport became a huge play ground for the kid, and everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or religion felt obliged to smile. This went on for some time and slowly but surely, she was loosening up. She was intrigued, and was looking keely for the child's parents, who strangely didn't seem to be too worried about their child's whereabouts. She continued watching.

Unknown to her, someone else was watching her, and rattled off some instructions into the walkie talkie.

(To be cont'd)


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