Just Emkaying: Mumbai - First Impressions

Apr 15, 2012

Mumbai - First Impressions

Technically, I have been in Mumbai twice and Bombay once. The time I came to Bombay, I was too young and have found only depressing memories. Then I came to Mumbai on an educational trip, and got a good long look at the Fort area of Mumbai, amongst other thing. The last trip was for my job interview, where the Taxi Driver promised me "Mumba Devi's" blessings. Whether the current situation is part of the blessing, I'll have to ask her myself.

Today, I complete a week in this city, which has been very very normal. I mean you have an idea of what you're going to get. So its been just that. Apart from the fact, that I don't know a lot of people here, and given my love for inertia.

Been taking a taxi to commute, so unlike Bangalore you don't have to actually ask if he will drop you. (unless you're catching a taxi off the road somewhere) The evening rush hours are maddening but nothing to fret about if you don't have a life after work.

The People are genuinely nice, I mean in Bangalore you're in an elevator and evey one is staring at the indicator, as if its the will power thats making it move. Here in Mumbai, you ask the shop keeper something, someone overhears you, he'll call you and tell you how to go. (Happened to me, but I have been very suspicious of such people) Then again, some are cold (must be ones like me) One particular Taxi driver refused to talk, I kept asking him where he was going as we both did not know the place, but nope. It was like talking to a wall. There of course was the other Taxi wala, who was awesome.

To me, Mumbai has the sterotypical image depicted in the movies, Every 2nd guy is associated with the Mafia and the 3rd one is a broker-of some sort. Blame it on the popcorn.

I've been holed up in this 20 floor monstrous building in Wadala, and also learnt that there is a movie called Shootout at Wadala coming soon. It overlooks a slum, a train station, a skyline of high rises, and yes, a flyover. Mumbai in a window screen. -->

Have had a couple of Luncheons and Dinners with the team, really smart bunch of people. If you thought I was random, wait till you meet them. Interesting and funny bunch them & Sarcasm, my word!!!

Some things are really stupid though. You have a two lane road right outside my office, and its becomes a single lane road depending on which signal is green. O_o

The climate is hot and humid, nothing a South Indian will struggle against. So far have been to The Orbit Mall to pick up my first android, which I believe is in either Malad / Goregaon / or something like that. Also have been to Bandra West and Sion. (not the Matrix wala). Completly avoided the trains. There are slums everywhere, not really disturbing though, everyones trying to survive, right? And yes it's crowded, so what? And if you think Bangalore had a water problem, wait till you come down here.

All those tweeters from Mumbai - it actually is like that out here. Or atleast I think so. So far the city has been just that - another place on the map. Maybe I haven't really let the city get to me yet. But then its early days. As usual, am not judging.


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