Just Emkaying: A Midsummer Night's Adventure

Jun 7, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Adventure


< Spoiler - Long Post >

Since the last one month or so of sobriety, I have nothing interesting or exciting to report, except for the story I shall narrate below, and that I can now cook for a living. Which is a big deal, given that Maggi was my idea of a home cooked meal.

Added to my now expanding repertoire of home cooked meals is Rice, Dal, chicken curry and fry, Oats Upma, Pasta, Tea and Coffee. Also Potato wedges and tomatoes with a special fluffy omelet. So far I haven't seen my neighbors complaining, nor the birds and squirrels in nearby trees choking while I cook, so I guess its all good. As for me, my stomach is like a cement mixer (touch wood) and has kept my faith up.

Anyways, the story I am going to narrate will need a precautionary disclaimer:

"Any resemblances to any person, living or making out behind the bushes which we were *ahem* at is purely coincidental (seriously, you get a bush at 3 am in the night?!). We take no responsibility for lewd messages and jokes that were screamed at the top of our voices in any part of Mumbai, and these were all in your head. Large portions of this story could be fictional, and adequately exaggerated to make us look cool. No animals were hurt in the making of this episode. Some idiots, maybe."

The story begins when the mad driver of the Inter City Volvo Chase Episode decided to land up at my newly refurbished place(No, am not calling it a pad) in Mumbai. I remember him vaguely mentioning to land up at 11:00 in the morning but he mumbled something about Traffic and World peace as he barged in at 11 PM. As a consolation he brings along a friend who's got a new bottle of J&B Whisky. Apology Accepted.

While the drinking session got over pretty early, the "teen patti", "Texas Poker" and Rummy soon got boring. Some kid was busy dancing on TV and kept touching bombshell Priyanka's feet *rolls eyes*. And that Vaseline Men fellow was there too. Anyways, After this and some chess, the aforementioned mad driver wants to go on a Long Drive. (Mental note to self - always define Long) After much cajoling we decide to take a trip to Marine Drive.

Now that in it self is not bad. If you have read the Inter City Volvo Chase (Yes, am shamelessly promoting it) you'd know that this driver is mad behind the wheel. And I was in no mind to die single. But "Mumbai spirit" caught up and we were in the car before you can say "I-am-innocent". We had some "Lipton-resembling-tea bag" Chai at the Marine Drive, before experiencing total bliss on the water front as the waves lapped up the tired shoulders of Mumbai, and the wind whistled. It was truly awesome.

We slept, we talked, we took photos and did some other things that...erm...never mind.

By now it was 4.30 am, we were tired and were dressed in attires that were highly unsuitable for daylight. One with Fluorescent green shorts, another without footwear, and yours truly in shorts that would put Lady Gaga to shame.

So as we innocently get into the car, I hear things like Lonavala and lets rob a bank. But given the probability that a bank would not be open in the morning, I soon doze off. An hour later, I am swayed from one end of the car to the other, and wake up to find Mad Driver blazing on a open expressway to the track from "G***d me <beeeeep> de" and its classical versions. We were on our way to Lonavala!!!

Am sure me waking up and cribbing and cranky got the route changed to Lonavala, else we'd be half way to Goa. Which in hindsight wasn't half a bad idea.

Lonavala brought back some fond memories of home, the mist and cool breeze, non complicated shops and lots of greenery. Have a look at the snaps below.

You could say that at the drive up we were in almost 0 visibility, we could have hardly see more than 5 feet ahead of us. It was also crazy because we were like 2 hours from Mumbai city, and the climates were drastically different.

At the viewing point from the top was a brilliant view, both of the scenery and of the people gathered around to watch the scenery :)

Anyways, while the story continues, the plan was to watch a movie at IMAX at 3 pm and the tickets were already booked. The movie was Avengers, and Yes, all three of us were equally surprised that there others like us who didn't watch the movie. We were Puny Gods.

After some good Maggi, Vada Pav's and Chai, and the other thing that we don't post about, we decided to head down for a good lunch to Matunga.

By now you realize the Mad Driver has been driving non stop for like 5 hours, and I could only drive if it was in a open ground secured with crash-proof tires. The Friend last drove 10 years ago. So we thought we'd let Mad Driver continue.

We landed up in Matunga and started shopping for a footwear for the Footwear-less friend. In the bargain we also walked into Nokia and other stores asking meaningless questions. We had now shown the finger to public opinion on our attire, and happily sauntered in to a nice place to eat. Strangely, we must've looked rich or something cos they did not throw us out.

We then proceeded to the IMAX theatre, or which should be renamed to the Colosseum of death. The bloody place is sooo unsafe that you if you slip you'll probably break a neck or a hand. First of all it's very steep, the seating is uncomfortable, and the railing in front of you is 1 foot high, so you just need to tilt a little and down you go.

Anyways, sleeping for the first half of the movie, I was dreadfully tired and still sleepy. I remember sleeping in the car, and the next thing I know we were at Carter Road walking on the beach side. These two were insatiable!!! It took all of my sorcery and black magic to cut the long walk to a short one and head back. Home at 9.30pm, Snoring by 11pm

Was a helluva weekend. Sadly, this escapade has not resulted in weight loss. Drat!!!



  1. You just got back fond crazy memories. The last minute decisions and the excitemnt that tagged along. The madness of mumbai is amazing...I miss you mumbai!

  2. You know you're always welcome back anytime my friend!!!