Just Emkaying: The Story Book 3 - In Between

Sep 17, 2011

The Story Book 3 - In Between

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While everyone was aware that Murali was around, I felt his presence more than anyone. After all we were two opposite's drawn together by the same differences. I remember having told him on my roof top one day that we are destined to come together and keep fighting. Nonetheless, my goal was to stay away from him, and to not get involved with anything remotely starting with a Mu

However, looking back, I see an inherent weakness in me. A need to get close to people and to be liked. As someone who is willing to forgive and move on. That weakness has made me pay dearly in years, but never as heavily as with Murali.

During the Summers, I began helping out a cousin of mine in his coaching classes. I had already taken my CAT preps in the first year, so I had some time to kill. His classes were the kind that legends are made of. Genius mind helps friends, then helps other people, puts together a class, becomes the champion of the masses and so on and so forth. So invariably, his "Class" was also the most popular. Murali being the opportunist that he was, used to hang out with their often, and soon we met. I had let go of everything, though Somesh insisted that I kept away.

We started talking, and before I knew it he was moving in with me in my paying guest. This, was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. If I ever write a book, I will name it "The Single biggest mistake of my life". So very soon in he came, and we were back to the reason we had broke off. Of preparing to be the best there was. I had said this earlier, I am not the disciplined types. I am an Aquarian, I hate rules. I hate standard regulations, and I hate routine. So if you want me to wake up at 5 am everyday to memorize Synonyms, it ain't happening.

But I played along, despite my heart and sleepy brain screaming not to. Along with us, Murali pulled in Somesh, Mohan and Sandy. This is were the trouble started. I for one, knew what I was and what I wasn't, and my ambitions were second only to Murali. So Obviously, Murali played the role of pied piper and got the rest to dance to his tunes. He became an inspiration, and my cries for rationality, slowly began to fall on deaf ears.

Though it looked very silly at that time, I realized that I was sucked into a vortex of epic doom, and my best buds were the horses that Murali was whipping to gallop forward. The horses he was whipping realized it a bit too late, and it was not before he had got his revenge on his assumed enemy, Me.

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