Just Emkaying: Angry Birds go on fast

Sep 19, 2011

Angry Birds go on fast


In startling developments, The Favorite of jobless people world over,  the Angry Birds, have now gone on an indefinite fast. Millions of users around the world are now finding it extremely difficult to cope without the angry birds, as having to use Chrome for actually searching rather than pretending to search is becoming job threatening. Medical Institutions have reported a 15% drop in patients with squinting eyes and thumb numbness, warning that numbers could go higher, destabilizing the app world.

When contacted, The Mighty Eagle,
Chief spokesperson for the group had this to say, " We are going on fast against rising petrol prices. While we have been hurled at wood, stone and over trees so far, we have not flinched a bit. We work through all major holiday seasons, all locations and without a break. Personally, I am sick and tired of the can of sardines they keep expecting me to go after, what do they think I am? A CAT ?!!"

When reminded that this had nothing to do with the Petrol prices, Mighty Eagle pointed at his clipped wings, got into his new Skoda Jetta, and shook his head knowingly.

In response to this agitation by the Birds, War has broken out between former allies, The Crew-hat-wearing Pigs and the defy-gravity-Monkeys. Apparently, with the shortage in Eggs, The Pigs went after the bananas that the monkeys so dearly love, and had to face with stiff opposition from the monkeys, who responded with beach ball throwing and random giggling from the trees.

App makers around the world are drawing up back up plans of renaming the popular game, but so far names like Farting Pigs and Senile Monkeys have failed to get the approval of the App World. Unconfirmed reports available with us in Symbian point to Phone makers now preparing their own versions of the game, such as I-Angrybird, Wrathful bird, Mad birds and WTF bird.

With no break thru in sight, Fruit Slasher is now poised to take on the pole position in app politics, but with increase in petrol prices, fruits have become difficult to source, let alone slash. Additionally, recent wiki leaks on the availability of fruits has lead to attacks from the Ninja Slasher and Fruit Ninja, in an attempt to overthrow Fruit Slasher.

There are also reports that the current bowling performance of the Indian Cricket Team is linked to the lack of Angry Birds , which has destabilized the aim and accuracy of the bowlers accustomed to angry bird flinging practice on their phones in place of net practice.

With most political parties either on fast or in Tihar Jail, it remains to be seen as to how all the fasting is going to help.



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