Just Emkaying: In the sidelines

Sep 10, 2011

In the sidelines

We all consider ourselves as good friends, always there for our best buds and others as well.

There are times when you laugh with them, and cry with them, yell at them and of course beat the crap out of them. It's all part of the gift of friendship.

But as my readers would agree, the toughest is when you have to let them go free, let them find their way out because no one else can.

Like a coach in the sidelines you edge them on, cheering their victories and letting them learn from their falls. For their own good. Sometimes pain brings a lot of learning and wisdom, which no one else can impart.

And while you play the role of devils advocate, standing at the sidelines, someone comes around and inadvertently hits the right spot with you friend, whom you so tried to protect.

In a moment your not relevant, your not the first choice, and your not the first one on the speed dial.

What you painfully did looks like torture, and all of a sudden the silent judgment is passed that you've been insensitive and selfish. Reminds me of how Rocky was treated by his protege in Rocky 4.

And thats where it ends. From the high pedestal, to waiting in the sidelines, for ever more.

It's been too many sidelines, and too less for me in my sidelines.

Sometimes it's like a corner of darkness, in the sidelines...

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