Just Emkaying: From then till now

Sep 16, 2011

From then till now

Started with a note, ended with a cry
And then all joined, make fun of the short guy

Then there was a painter, but had to cross the sea
That left innocent tears, and memories

Soon it was school, the nicknames just fade
Who really bothers, at that time and age

Then it got serious, a deal was made
A Stone reached out for the Sun, an outsider made hay

Blood was shed, none could be seen
The Sun ran away, life was mean

And then another and another, sense prevailed
Some were anchors, and others just derailed

And a voice was heard, and heard it remained
reasons unknown, it went as it came

A shoulder was given, an ear for a tear
Time healed a wound, and opened another near

A word was said, a cookie shared
But remained memorable moments, here and there

Before one ends the other starts,
And before it starts, it too ends.

And so it goes, and so it is said

From then till now,
A Heart lost to the head.


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