Just Emkaying: Sidelines and more

Sep 11, 2011

Sidelines and more

Continuing from my previous post (more of a drunk slurry rant actually), I reflect and see that there may be a thing or two I missed.

When someone takes to the sideline strategy, you are aware of the risk you're taking. In fact more than anyone, you know that chances are that if the strategy goes on for too long, you probably are gonna get cut off.

Again, the sideline strategy is one of the few final measures, one that is used best as a quick short term thing, and by a very close friend.

However, the sideline strategy is sometimes not just administered to help someone contemplate and reflect, or correct something ,or giving some personal space. It is also a SACRIFICE. A supreme one at that.

People move from center court to the sidelines to make way for someone else, who can do much more than what they can. However, unlike in sport,in life you cannot be sure that you get back in or are able to influence a result in your favor.

It's left to the trust and faith you have in life and a higher power to get you back in the center, or to help you find a new court.

Sometimes you realize that you were in the wrong court from the word go.

Letting someone go for their own good, is the most painful and noblest thing a friend can do.

To nobility, Cheers!!!


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