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Jan 2, 2011

Mad Bucket List

The Title is Mad Bucket list for the simple reason that I didn't want to name it "The" bucket list cos its not ready yet. However while am working on it, my ego likes to think that I do Mad crazy things which are cool, but in reality isn't true so bear with me.

As 2011 kicked in day before, we were discussing our bucket list at 5 am in the morning. Trying to make head or tail of things we wanted to do, we decided to have "levels" of bucket listing, in order to start with mug lists, shower lists and then finally move on to the bucket.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of our thoughts, so here they are

 - One thing D and I agreed on was to watch a movie without paying for it. But once we got into the details, we realized that the Multiplex owners probably have brains and hence devise simple "Safety" procedures (like moving out the front door) when in reality its to ensure you get OUT once the movies over.

- Dance on a table in a popular restaurant. Then we realized with our weights we'd probably break the table, hence we changed it to break a table in a popular restaurant by dancing on it.

- Learn a Musical instrument and play on a stage.

- Give free hugs on MG Road. ( I still think we should charge, but D had a valid point that its not safe for straight guys anymore)

- Drive a car that costs more than 50 lakhs. ( I thought we should take an Audi test drive, and then D came up with the idea that we buy nice suits to get the test drive, and then we decided to beg some rich industrialists driver to get a ride)

- Get a girlfriend (one for each of course)  \m/

- Attend as many rock shows in this year as possible, and keep the spirit of rock alive in our hearts \m/

- Go Fishing and keep fishing till you catch a fish.

And that's as far as we could go, before we realized that anything with high cash investments and international visits were probably not getting into this list, and then the purpose of this list was getting lost, and hence we just decided to take these into "discussion" and think about it!!!

Nonetheless, am looking forward to this "discussion" pretty soon!!!

M \m/

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