Just Emkaying: Inner Sync

Jan 7, 2011

Inner Sync

Have you had the feeling that you just know somethings gonna happen ? That moment when you expect someone to say something, and they just say it? That you were just thinking of a person and a message from them pops up on the screen? Or you can imagine someone in a particular slice of life picture, and then somewhere you actually see it? That you preempt what someone is gonna say, and then you're like how did I know that? Its like you just know it.

I have known this to happen, has happened before and its happening again. I tend to ignore it as an internal weather broadcast system.

But some times I wonder, is it something I should take seriously. Maybe its the universe trying to tell me something. Telling me to get in touch with myself. With whats really behind all the blabber, chatter, tantrums, mood swings and all that. With the me inside.

Inner Sync.


(by the way, there were 0 spelling mistakes in this spell check, so yay!!!)

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