Just Emkaying: A good start to 2011

Jan 1, 2011

A good start to 2011

I have had miserable new years. Fights, sitting at home, and sleeping early. Bottom line, did everything apart from partying.

This year, it looked absolutely the same before a good friend came in to pester me into what turned out to be a great new year's ever, my first one out, and a first for many things. To her, I say THANK YOU. It means a lot to me. ( Am not sure I mentioned it, but I think there was too much Tequila around for any of us to be taken seriously!!!)

This year has been better than the last 2, made new friends, old friends getting hitched, got a new job which doesn't have me stressed at home, made better friends, and got in and out (well kind of) of a huge romantic endeavour.

Of course there have been downs, 2 heartaches, back to back. A sense of sailing a lone ship as people around move into the next chapter of their lives. A bad back, Job changes, worries back home, and all that. What hurt most I guess was the romantic thing. This was a sure shot but I guess cupid got the wrong heart this time around.

Anyways, am very Happy. Because, I've realized, that life is not about friends,colleagues,neighbours etc. ITS ABOUT PEOPLE. ALL PEOPLE. And I love and am grateful to all the people in my life, who work with me, who drop me home, who drink with me, who consider me a good friend, who hate me, etc.

Even those that don't see me in the same light that I see them.

You make me who I am, and make life worth living.



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