Just Emkaying: How to choose an Auto Rickshaw

Jan 13, 2011

How to choose an Auto Rickshaw

Have been experiencing the autos of Bangalore for a few days now, and I have realised that the choosing the right rickshaw plays a big part in the total amount you pay. I have taken the same route over three days, at the same time, with different autos, and ended up paying three different amounts. The third being outright robbery.
After giving this a long and serious thought of 10minutes, I have derived a brilliant way to handle these ruffians and to extract value. So, with no further delay, I present..... (Drum roll)

Choosing Autos for Dummies - MadDys handy guide list

1. The First step is to leave 15minutes early. No matter what the situation, a guy in a hurry will end up paying more. Without doubt, if you're in a hurry, the whole world will try to make money outta you.

2. Choosing an auto is about knowing where to find one. If you go to an auto stand, you will definitely have to pay the "union" rates.  Look out for the lone auto parked around the auto stand. Chances are he's not from there and he wants to get out of that area. This is the auto you need to approach

3. When not at a regular auto stand, look at the drivers hanging out. Never approach any one in the crowd if they are joking or talking to each other. They don't need the money. Look for a bored to death driver hanging out of his auto. He's the auto you need to talk to.

4. Never go for a totally new auto or a totally old one. A new one is out to clear his installments, and on an old one you're definitely paying more with the faulty lines and tampered meters. Go for the semi new, non plastered with weird stickers types.

5. Always ask for your location in the local language, and never agree to the first rate that comes out. I once had a guy ask me for Rs 100 for a one km ride, just because I asked him in Hindi.

6. Always keep alert, an auto guy who's keen to take you without talking money is a risky proposition. Either his meter is rigged or he's gonna take you for a ride.

7. Never being forced into an auto just because three or four drivers are bombarding you with words. Hold your ground and tell them to Fuck off. (Not loudly though)

8. And last but not the least, you need to have a basic idea of where your going. If you don't then even a great auto guy can't help you!!!



  1. LOL... What if I am not at any auto stand and just find one auto outaa the blue ? :P... Should I still make sure it is "semi new"? :P

  2. Going by the urgency, just get ready to shed more money!!!