Just Emkaying: Intercity VOLVO chase. 2 Lives

Jan 2, 2011

Intercity VOLVO chase. 2 Lives

When you have a car, 4 sleeping passengers and one freaking crazy nut who's bored to death as a driver, what you don't want to do is end up waking to a funeral. My Friend D, thinks otherwise.

We were Supposedly, on our way the Maddur coffee day cafe, and around 40km down Mysore road, we awoke after one of the CCD passed by and D was staring at the two tail lamps of a Volvo bus in front. Luckily, the driver was a softie and let us pass, and 2 minutes later we managed to wrestle the steering wheel out of D's hands. Needless to say we drove back home later in the morning (Did I mention this happened at 3am on the 1st of Jan,2011?) safely and sleepy!!!

My sincerest thanks to the kind KSRTC Bus driver who realized that a mad driver in a 1086 cc Santro trying to overtake a 6 cylinder, 7 litre VOVLO 9400 inter city bus.( Ok, I googled the cc of the bus and dint get it, so jus think BIG)


At 3:00 AM on January 2nd, atop the terrace of a Government Bank Employees Residential Quarters, me and a friend came up with the theory of 2 lives.

A lady has 2 lives. Pre Marriage and Post Marriage. Once a Lady gets married, she's steps into her second life, where like an Egyptian mummy, a select few articles get carried over to the next life. (*conditions apply) The things that get carried over are usually - parents, siblings, relatives, barbie doll, pets and necessities (GOLD, jewellery,shoes,handbag and expensive clothing) and occasionally vehicles too. Friends get carried over for a short time, but rarely does it go very long. Kill me if I am wrong.

A Guy has one life with a years break in between, during which period he gets married, wanders off, and then is back to the same life.

The sooner you realize these theories, the better!!!

M \m/

*this does not apply to the exceptional ones, a few of those that I know too. It also does not apply to those who have got offended!!!

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