Just Emkaying: TRAFFIC JAMS---the greatest leveller

Nov 29, 2007

TRAFFIC JAMS---the greatest leveller

In Bangalore, when riding my modest bike, I sometimes feel like a Airforce jet just zoomed across me; only to realize that its just another super rich dude on a brand new "latest- super- thing- that- moves" vehicle. I just smile. Cos in Bangalore invariably the road is jammed either due to a traffic signal, a road diversion, accidents, construction, etc and there is a traffic jam up ahead.

And this my friends (traffic Jam) is the great indian leveller... Because there along the poor mans hand cart, the bank clerks scooter, the adagency executive's Brand new Pulsar, the Software project managers Car and Your friendly neighbourhood politicans Mercedes stands my modest bike. All sections of the society all on par. All praying for the same signal to turn green, all hoping that they can get free from the jam and all exactly lined up together. It doesnt matter what your riding or driving, because to the Great Indian Traffic Jam, all vehicle owners are equal in front of it!!! and only it can choose who can pass and who cant!!1

and the traffic jam is one such place where no one is superior, no one is inferior and there lies another of universal secrets... It doesnt matter whats around you or with whom u are, in the end, in the final run to your destination, its only patience and cooperation that can get you ahead...:)

So next time you see another d.u.d.e pass ya by, You know why to SMILe :)!!!


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