Just Emkaying: Kinda wierd....is it true guys???!!

Nov 27, 2007

Kinda wierd....is it true guys???!!

They say when ya help someone it should be out of concern for the other person... but have ya heard the saying " Help a girl in trouble/need and the only time she will remember u is when she is in trouble/need again!!!"

Well though I don think its true in all situations but u now it tends to really happen. Thoug I have gone thru these things many times and been really pi#!@d off, today was just another reminder as to the popular belief.

I was going to the corp bank ATM and a lady was having a problem with the ATM card stuck in the machine. I dint want ta wait so i got on my bike when the lady in quetsion came out and asked for help. While I tried to get her debit card into the damn machine ( which obviously was enjoying the tug of war) she was busy yapping on the phone.

finally when the card did get inshe just gave me an accusary look as if I had wanted to get her PIN number. Let alone a thanks !!!

and they tell us that guys are thick skinned!!!


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