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Nov 23, 2007

Its pretty cold out here in Bangalore. not too cold has my home town is freezing cold now. But its more of a nice cool climate out here in bangalore. Today is the 12th day of my joining and my ex comapny is launching its products tommorrow. I have wished my colleagues all te best and i hhope everything goes well.

I just remebered that how life never turns out how we want it too. we believe we are the cause for something which happens that is beneficial to us. and its someone elses fault when something unfavorable happens to us. Ha, how culpable we are. When the fact is that we are all here for a purpose. and we see things happening around us and consider it our happening. when the fact is everything there is a more higher reasoning. we are mere puppets.

But that doesnt mean we just sit and wait things to happen. instead work hard towards what you want to achieve, but the catch is that you cannot expect anything to happen as per your efforts

HEll man what the hell, the bottom line: Do your best, enjoy life and hell with results!!!

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