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Nov 21, 2007

Hi there, though we tend to always look at doing good things we hardly ever start from smal things. Usually people ( me included) think of doing BIG good things like saving people from a great catastrophe, or changing the planet, and in the process forget the little things we can do to make a difference.

Today what I saw put me into a deep thought that how rich are we at heart as compared to rich in the pocket?? walking down Church Street to have my regular noon snack I saw a tabla wala. He was wearing a torn full sleeve shirt and what seemed o be a torn pajama. Both the pieces of clothes complete with mud and dirt, his hair long and dusty and his fauthful tabla hanging from a thin string across his back.

From across the street he seemed to be reaching for the top of a ledge which was way beyond his reach. He was holding some cloth in his hand and trying to push it on top of the ledge. stretching and jumping in the process.

As I came near It was obvious that the cloth was trying to fly!!! It was a baby pigeon which had fallen from the adjacent building and there was this man who dint have enough to have a single meal trying to save the baby from the dogs.

I spoke to him after he had put the bird back and he said that " ali bididre nai yala hidkon hogathe, yelo building inda bidirbeku" ( If it lies there on the ground some dog will take it off, poor thing must have fallen from the building) For a moment I envied his simplicity and the ease with which he thought of the birds life.

I wondered if i would have done the same? And where I stood today as a human being in comparison to the question mind had asked.....

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