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Nov 18, 2007

Hi to all. Now its been a long time since I wanted to blog but life ha a time for everything and I have found mist of the things happen at times when you least expect them. we hardly know why things happen but when we do realize their relevance its to late to appreciate.

Such has been the long part of my life, which I hope to share in the future with you. For a start let me give my introduction.

Am a post graduate, in a field where we learn to manage things, people or what some call management. Currently just switched to a major cosmetic MNC from a minor cosmetic start up. For all practical purposes I could say that its the start of my career.

My previous company is a start up, put together by few businessmen who wanted to sell what they make rather than make what is required. Unfortunately or fortunately in the heat of summer placements, I got lured into it by the promise of a big post, which of course I did get.
What looked like a great opportunity soon became a tiring affair. Especially since I dint know a thing about how sales is actually done and neither did anyone in the company. My theory told me how things were to be done, but over time I came to know that by bosses were more interested in just one thing. Cutting costs. And for them costs meant marketing, salesmen, promotion and etc ( Get the drift ?!!!) and it so resulted that nothing was acheived..come on you gotta spend to earn and vice versa. But I was only asked as to what hapened and why something dint happened...and it was taking its toll on me

So finally I got fed up and grabbed a beautiful opportunity and moved on. But here comes the rough part. The company Was just planning a launch for the product(for the hell of it of course!!!) and my current company wanted me to join immediately. I chose the latter and dropped off with just a phone call and a resigning e mail.

Well here comes the question...whats more important in life.. doing things the right way ;or doing the right things? both are equally important but how do you choose between the two. how do you know what is right... and is it really important to be right?? Phew!! I have done something that would benefit me( and to some extent my ex company, considering I dint do much other than collect my salary!!) but thats not the point. What about when you need to make decsions everyday and every moment...

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