Just Emkaying: SMS PErsonality

Nov 26, 2007

SMS PErsonality

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to be mistaken for another person, not physically but a a personality just by chatting to someone over SMS.

There ae two angles to this. One where a person is deiberately taking advantage of the non visibility of the other person to create a false image of himself to extract any advantage from the other person. This could go even to the heights of damaging the other persons self belief or mental stability, or more obvious things like getting personal account numbers, etc

But what am more interested in is the other type of misreprsentation that happens due to the games our minds play with us. I believe every human always tend to look for things or characteristics which he desires, or lacks in himself. Thus when chatting to an unkown person without actually seeing him, even the simplest of messages can connote 100's of things to the other. Its like a multi personality syndrome wit everyone and the mobile sms being the hub of a number of personalities. The bottom line : dont get fooled. Of Course many times our imaginations do run wild, even to the extent that we may imagine the other person to be Tom cruise or Angelina Jolie!!!

But more or less over a long period of time in such situations we do get a more accurate picture of the other person and its these friendships that go loooong way even without meeting up ever:)

Cheeeers !!! :)

The mind is a funny thing.

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