Just Emkaying: Three GEeKs and a Duffer!!!

Aug 17, 2008

Three GEeKs and a Duffer!!!

The title should have read more as three engineers and an MBA. that ees my roomies and me.

We were just out on our usual sunday night dinner, and somewhere something motivated my roomies to start on their c++ languages and escalations and so on... . So not wanting to disturb my fellow "to-be-bill gates-steve jobs-and all" I quietly listened hoping to pick up a few "XML .net scripts to be run timed in production with SCM going thru audit for a major release " Fundas....however very soon the chineese looking waiters started giving us the looks...clearly they were not impressed with our java v/s symbian v/s something else discussion over a delicious peking chicken. And I completley agreed, cos we were there to eat right?

Or so poor ol me thought, my guys were going on about some tom doing something to harry and getting some dick to stay up all night to have a major release?! (Sounds normal rite ;p)

However the chicken started getting bored and I was worried if the fried chicken would walk over to the other table and ask the other customers to eat him, So finally I started eating and soon the food started dissapearing! And worried about the food dissapearing my roomies jump into the food...

So there, My appetite saved the day!! or dinner more appropriately!
Till the next dining escapade...
ADios amigos

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