Just Emkaying: Modest academic!!!

Aug 24, 2008

Modest academic!!!

Well well well...fantastic saturday..met my best sir/friend and mentor in some ways today..met my juniors..some shopping for taking back home. Many things interesting but I will post some touching things tommorrow...

As for Today...we all tend to exagerate our marks by .05, .9 etc..Like when it is 62.5 it becomes 63% or 65 even..Have you ever seen somebody reduce it to 62??

Well yours truly, (smart fellow that I am )have been enlightened today by Chandan Saar that I have been telling everyone( EVERYONE including on my resume) that my CGPA was 6.9/10
When IT ACTUALLY WAS 7.9/10!!!

CAn you believe it...no wonder I wasnt getting any calls from head hunters! We were in coffee day when this gyaan was given to me and we all cheered with a cool blue to celebrate.

Tommorrow will be a new label entry too..entitled "Reviews and tributes" and I hope it would make an interesting read...

Hey do leave your comments...will be looking frward to it..


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  1. Modest Huh...Ridiculous....He would have told Congrats son that u have scored a 7.0 CGPA well i got only 6.9...I had written somewhere that it is very hard for Pizzaholics to get some Blood in their Brains to do some calculations....i was telling it was 7.9 and he was arguing that his CGPA was 6.9 and was putting his million dollers(IOU's) on it....I thaught i was supporting him by increasing his CGPA but what can u say when people are humble and Want to be in the crowd when u can be at the TOP...Love MADDY...