Just Emkaying: Running the rat race

Aug 19, 2008

Running the rat race

The other day I was just passing by a temple. There was some ceremony going on and there was a huge crowd of people standing in a huge queue to enter the shrine.

On first apperance it looked that the vast majority of people were just localites. But on closer observation it was clear that there were visitors from outside as well. And a BIG difference in the crowd....90% of them looked like your common man, simple guys with small time jobs, families to support on tight budgets..(Hey I could be absolutely wrong) but thats what they did look like.

That brought about a very stark thought. Where were all the Civic/city/accent/corolla guys, ur high flyinf top notch businessmen..Whom by no doubt you would find at the pubs and discos around the citi. I couldnt find a single person who looked like he would be wearing a business suit to work in the morning..(Here again I can be very very wrong).

Anyway the point is, does it point to hw society is changing...how culture is changing..the moment you climb a step in the ladder in the social rat race, your out reaching for the next step..and you do that by aping what others in the upper level are doing..without a thought as to why, what ,etc

Going to pubs and discos isnt a crime..but do you know why are you going there..is it to have a good time or to show others you have a good time? Big difference there..Are you SATISFIED?
Dont run the rat race...live life today!!!

Think about it


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