Just Emkaying: Basanti and the dancing dogs...

Aug 19, 2008

Basanti and the dancing dogs...

Hi Yaar,

"Basanti ko bolna kuthon ke samne math nachna. Kuthe kat-the hain. " (Ask basanti not to dance in front of the dogs, they bite!) If you got a call at 2 am in the night asking you this , what would you do...I really don know but we had a hilarious time calling all our friends and asking them all sorts of questions...

It was raining and there was no power, very boring, no LPG to cook either...so we thought we would enquire about the general status of the world...with no consideration about the time..the calls went all over INdia...orissa, hydbad,mumbai (we dont discriminate you see)... we did get s ome whath the F's and Ma******s, and all that..but hey we had a rocking time !!!

So next time its raining, theres non power and your bored, pick up that phone and go ahead asking about the welfare of your society!!!
ok then, till next time..

oh just forgot,, dont forget to ask basanthi not to dance with the dogs..they bite!!!


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  1. :-) Thank god I am not on your friend list to get calls like that!

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments…I am still new to blogging and unknown people reading it and leaving comments and adding it to their blog list is very encouraging!